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Dear Homeowner,

At Alexon Design, we strongly feel that the consulting and the landscaping design process is one of the most important aspects to achieving a successful landscaping project. Our experience tells us that fastest we can get on the same page, or connect with our homeowners, the better the chance we have for success. We feel that we accomplish this best by asking good questions, (sometimes hard questions) and receiving honest answers. We will answer your questions with honest answers as well. In any business, we know that honesty is the best way to start. We will not tell you what you want to hear just to get your business.

Desert LandscapingOne of the “hard” questions to ask pertains to budget. When asking this question, most homeowner’s answer with, “I’m not sure.” Or “we don’t know.” It is at that point, we start to lose our goal of getting connected. Most everyone knows how much they can or want to spend on their landscaping project. Some people honestly don’t know what custom designed landscaping will cost. So, at Alexon Design, we won’t ask you your budget. We will ask what you want to incorporate in your project. We will ask lots of questions to establish a “wish-list” (i.e. outdoor kitchen, pavers, lighting etc.). We will take pictures of your lot, and measure your lot for proper square footage. And at that time we will be able to give you a budget, and then ask a hard question. For example: “You are probably looking at $25,000.00-$30,000.00 for that kind of project. Does that fit into your budget? Is that what you had in mind?”

This is important: ALEXON DESIGN & LANDSCAPING WILL NOT DO A DESIGN WITHOUT DISCUSSING BUDGET.  We would like to at least establish a range of money that will work for you before doing a design. We understand that doing a design for the homeowner is a cost of doing business, and a must to earn their business. But we feel that we will be wasting our time, as well as the homeowner’s time without a realistic budget set up. We do not charge for our designs, and would warn you against certain design only firms. Many of them design projects that are beautiful and full of everything, but are typically over budget and not able to be constructed. We are a design and build company. So, we will not charge you for our designs, but we will also not leave our designs with you.

At Alexon Design, we have built a reputation of matchless designs, quality workmanship, with constant communication and supervision. We have developed this through working with “our” clients. Most of “our” clients are typically in their 2nd to 4th home. They have experienced landscaping before in Arizona, and are more concerned with getting a great product for an honest price, while enjoying the process.  We feel that the finished product is important, but history tells us that the overall experience is what influences our homeowner’s to recommend us. Our homeowner’s will feel that we have been creative, honest, and passionate towards their project.

Alexon Design is a smaller company by design. We have three crews, two construction superintendents, and three designers. By staying small, it allows us to be very competitive in our pricing. We are not the least expensive landscape company in the valley, but with projects that range from $20,000. - $80,000.00 we are absolutely the best value in town. We do smaller and larger projects as well, but that range is our true comfort zone. At Alexon Design, we also know that we are not the right fit for everyone. There are thousands of landscaping contractors in Arizona. And we persuade our clients to get other bids to compare, and to help them make their decision.  But, because of our reputation, we rarely go up against another contractor.

We really hope that this page helps you in your decision process as well. By this time, we hope you have learned enough about us to give us a call for a meeting to start your landscaping project. Or that you have decided to move on and call a different contractor. We know that this may seem like an uncommon sales approach, but it is how we feel. Unfortunately, what makes it uncommon is our honesty. We did not set this company up to get every customer out there. We set it up to satisfy every customer we get. We look forward to working with you.


TJ Wilcoxson


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